ICWAR Held its 2015 Annual Meeting on Research Projects Sponsorship Reviewing


On April 21st, 2015, Information Center for Worldwide Asia Research of BFSU (Beijing Foreign Studies University) held its annual meeting to review and determine the research projects to be sponsored by ICWAR. Academic Committee Members of ICWAR, including Bai Chun, Ding Chao, Guo Qiqing, Li Xuetao, Li Yonghui, Luo Xiaodong, Tao Xiuao, Weichongxin, Xu Yiping, Zhang Chaoyi, Zhang Hong etc., attended this meeting. Entrusted by Prof. Zhang Xiping, ICWAR’s Academic Committee Director, Prof. Guo Qiqing, ICWAR vice-director, hosted the meeting.


At the meeting, Prof. Guo Qiqing reported the research achievements of each sponsored projects since last annual meeting on research projects appraisal, announced the candidate scholars to be sent to South Korean via the project of International Scholar Exchange Fellowship, introduced this year’s application of research projects, the funding lines as well as the points for attention in reviewing, and reported the results of anonymous appraisal for the annual academic monograph publication.




In 2014, the research projects sponsored by ICWAR published eleven journal articles, three academic monographs which are “Book Series of Asian Studies· Series of Information Center for Worldwide Asia Research of BFSU” :A History of Modern Thai literature,History, Culture and Diplomacy of Burmaas well asZeng Pu: A Translator in Cultural Transformation, co-hosted five academic conferences with other organizations of BFSU, held ten academic lectures themed “Chinese Culture in Asia”, and co-hosted four “Cambridge - BFSU Young Scholar Workshop” academic lectures with Cambridge Oriental Culture Association.


This year, ICWAR receivedtwenty-two project applications in total, including thirteen research projects, one academic monograph, and eight academic conferences. The twenty-two research projects were all approved through the Committee’s careful reviewing and secret ballot. These projects cover more than seven fields, including philosophy, comparative literature, history, law, linguistics, pedagogy, library and information science etc. The faculties and researchers from 11 schools and departments at BFSU participated in this year’s project applications, which are School of Asian and African Studies, School of Marxism, School of Chinese Language and Literature, School of Law, School of Online and Continuous Education, Institute for Global History, Department of French, Department of Portuguese and Spanish, Department of Japanese, Department of Computer Science, Center for Overseas Sinology.


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