ICWAR Held Its 2014 Council Meeting


Information Center for Worldwide Asia Research held its 2014 council meeting on Dec. 22nd, 2014. Park In-kook, Chief Executive of The Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies (KFAS) and Jia Dezhong, Vice President of Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) attended this meeting.


Peng Long, President of BFSU, met with Park In-kook’s delegation before the council meeting, in which Peng extended a warm welcome to the arrival of the delegation and appreciated KFAS’s continual sponsorship on BFSU. Peng introduced the profile of BFSU, including its characteristics, teaching, researching and international communication, hoping that the cooperation between BFSU and KFAS could be further expanded via the constructive role of Information Center for Worldwide Asia Research. Park In-kook said that BFSU is an internationally prestigious university focusing on language and foreign studies, and he hoped that the communication and cooperation between KFAS and BFSU could be conducted in more aspects.




The council meeting was hosted by Deputy Director of ICWAR, Zhao Zhongfeng. Yang Xueyi, President of the Council, addressed the speech, in which he extended the heartfelt welcome to the delegation and introduced briefly the current development of ICWAR. Guo Qiqing, Deputy Director of ICWAR, delivered the work report covering the whole period since last council meeting.


Park In-kook affirmed the achievements ICWAR has made in his speech, especially the endeavors in constructing “the academic information database of Asia studies”. He hoped that ICWAR could take the full advantage of BFSU’s strength and spread the 18 KFAS-sponsored academic research achievements conducted by higher education institutions overseas via the channel of “the academic information database of Asia studies”. Park In-kook also said that KFAS would invite some Korean experts in the field of database construction and collaborated with the counterparts of BFSU for a further and better construction of the database.




Yang Xueyi thanked KFAS for its enormous support for ICWAR. He said that it is a valuable and significant work to embed the academic research achievements from the 18 higher education institutions into “the academic information database of Asia studies”. He asserted that ICWAR could do a better job with the support of FKAS and BFSU.


Jin Li , Vice President of ICWAR, and some members such as Zhang Xiaohui etc. also attended this meeting.

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