ICWAR Held Meeting to Review and Determine the Academic Research Projects to Be Supported in 2016

On April 26, 2016, ICWAR held its annual academic council meeting to review and determine the academic research Projects to be supported in 2016. 14 academic committee members of ICWAR attended the meeting, including Ding Chao, Jia Wenjian, Guo Qiqing,Guo Xiaowen, Luo Xiaodong, Shao Jianguo, Shi Tieqiang,Wan Meng,Xu Yiping,Zhang Chaoyi,Zhang Xiping. Academic council director, Prof. Zhang Xiping presided over the meeting.

Prof.Guo Qiqing, executive director of the Research Center of World languages & Cultural and deputy director of ICWAR, reported on the completion of the academic research projects supported by ICWAR since the meeting of last year, made an introduction of the project applications this year, amount of money planned to be used for the projects to be supported as well as the rules for reviewing and determining the projects. He also reported on the results of the experts’ review of the academic publication to be financed this year.

In 2015, 16 papers of research Projects supported by ICWAR, including 3 CSSCI papers, 1 AHCI paper and one core periodical paper, were published in periodicals and journals at different levels at home and aboard and were approved to be the completed projects by ICWAR; 6 academic conferences were co-held by ICWAR and related schools or departments of BFSU; 6 series of academic lectures were held under the heading of "Asian Culture in the Global Version", 4 lectures of “Cambridge – BFSU Young Scholars’ Workshop” Series were co-held by Cambridge University and ICWAR.

ICWAR received 26 project applications this year including 14 research projects, 7 academic books for publication and 5 academic conferences. After serious reviewing, 19 projects were confirmed to be selected as supported projects in 2016 by secret ballot, including 10 research projects, 6 academic books for publication and 3 academic conferences, with the project topics covering 10 research areas such as philosophy, comparative literature, political science, economics, history, law, international relations, literature and education. Teachers and researchers from School of Asia and Africa Studies, School of Chinese Language and Literature, Law School, School of International Relations, School of Arabic Studies, International Institute of Chinese Studies, Institute for Global History, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, Department of Japanese participated in the application this year.

The academic committee members of ICWAR present at the meeting  discussed and made some suggestions about how to improve and perfect the ICWAR support for the academic research projects in terms of its contents, the amount of money to be provided as well as the procedure for reviewing. They also discussed how to coordinate with the Division of Academic Research Administration of the University for a better management of the research projects.




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