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Council Chair
YANG Xueyi (Professor, Chairman of the University Council, BFSU)
Park In-kook (PhD, President of KFAS)

Council Vice Chair
JIN Li (Professor, Vice President, BFSU)

CAI Jianfeng (Senior Editor, President, Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press)
GUO Qiqing (Professor, Executive Director, BFSU Research Center of World Languages & Cultures)
JIA Dezhong (Research fellow, Director, BFSU President's Office)
LI Youwen (Associate Professor, Director, BFSU International Exchange and Cooperation Office) 
ZHANG Chaoyi (Professor, Director, BFSU Division of Academic Research)
ZHANG Xiping (Professor, BFSU National Research Center of Overseas Sinology)
ZHANG Xiaohui (Associate Professor, BFSU Office of Confucius Institutes)
ZHAO Zongfeng (Doctor, Director, BFSU Media Center)

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